Saturday, August 8, 2009

MekoArts Portfolio :

In the 21st century web technology has filtered its way in to portfolios especially in the digital work place job market. While traditional C.V style portfolios still dominate the portfolio world it is common to back it up with a website containing personal statements, contact details and experience.

We, MekoArts Studio too have our own portfolio’s.This are examples that we’ve been done for past 2 months.

As u can see, right below this text is one of the graphic in e-biogreen website that we create.The website design are fully created by us.If you’re interested,can contact us trough my e-mail ;

This three below are from another websites/blog , for example ,meanwhile the the other one is from SKIM 2009,for ukm, and the second one is for betta society malaysia


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